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Factory Tour

fifotrack's factory partner was founded in 2000. It specializes in processing professional SMT chip. In order to strive for better production quality, the company has introduced DEK Automatic Solder Paste Printing Machine, Siemens (HS60) High Speed Machines and Yamaha High Precision SMT Machines, such as YG100XGB which can take on mounting various odd-form components of 0201 and BGA etc. Furthermore, the company uses Nitrogen Soldering System to accomplish perfect weld. Now it has 6 SMT lines and 10 million points of daily production capacity.


Quality Control Process

1. Incoming Inspection

5.GPS Quality Control

2.SMT Quality Control

6. Packaging Quality Control

3.DIP Quality Control

7. Finished Goods Inspection

4. Semi-finished Products test

8.Outgoing Inspection