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Customer Code: THTP Nov 13, 2020 Thailand
fifotrack sales: How is the S50 working performance? Work fine so far? Any problem?
Customer: I like them so I have sent protocol documents to the Gpsgate yesterday. They will develop modules to support them in their platform.

Customer Code: THWG Nov 12, 2020 Thailand
fifotrack sales: How about our devices' (500 pcs S50 order) performance so far? Is there any problem?
Customer: Thank you, wonderfully

Customer Code: KELE Oct 28, 2020 Kenya
the device looks of high quality
i liked your units S20
they are good

Customer Code: UGJN Sep 25, 2020 Uganda
Thanks for your service its super good.
You have the best hardware and i am impressed with your support team. excellent.

Customer Code: NGEE Aug 11, 2020 Nigeria
The truth be told your device is more durable but your platform is not my preferred software
So i will getting device for cars from you then get some from others too.

Customer Code: NGKY July 8, 2020 Nigeria
i have tested different tracker, i feel yours is better. I will have to go for your tracker with the door status accessories
i like your support
it is good for customers

Customer Code: MWGT July 7, 2020 Malawi
We have installed 5 of the 10 samples (S30) you sent, they are far ahead of the ones we were using, we will do fuel monitoring, hopefully we will order another lot, within this month.
Your devices are better than most Chinese devices, the only difference is the price.

Customer Code: MZIO June 8, 2020 Mozambique
As I told before, even told to your competitors, there are no company like FIFOTRACK and YOU on the support to their clients.
Please send me a quotation for below.

Customer Code: GHRD Jan 2, 2020 Ghana
Yeah, I love it....your product is quality and durable, I really love your trackers.

Customer Code: IDOS Dec 19, 2019 Indonesia
Its good gps (A500), Im very like it, and support from you is the best.

Customer Code: CRST Nov 11, 2019 Costa Rica
Project will be executed with your products, I am so comfortable with quality and support from you

Customer Code: MZED May 28, 2019 Mozambique
We are satisfied with performance of 50 trackers A100 that we have purchased 2 years ago. We had one that stop working but it was badly handled from our side.

Customer Code: TOHY April 22, 2019 Tonga
There's no problem at all, we're very happy with the units. We are due for another order, will be May.
Please remember we have a small population in Tonga, we've just opened in Vanuatu after delays.
Sorry for not communicating much, be assured all is well, we love your products.

Customer Code: MUGN April 18, 2019 Mauritius
We don’t have any complaint about the device from our customers. A100 is very stable. Till now, I am happy with the tracker and support service from fifo since 2016.

Customer Code: PATS Mar 21, 2019 Panama
I am very happy with your assistance.
Hope Every time will be like this.

Customer Code: CRST Mar 21, 2019 Costa Rica
Your device is very good, but I must to be honest with you: it is a little expensive compare it with others that are very similar
I am totally sure that your quality is superior, but on our market (the Third world ) as lower the cost, the more that something is sale.

Customer Code: MZNO Mar 14, 2019 Mozambique
The fifotrack equipment has been passing all the demands. Even now I had a company that is in a very complicated area of Mozambique and had already tested 4 different GPS companies and none worked in this Zone, but your equipment is running at 100%

Customer Code: IDPL Feb 28, 2019 Indonesia
You already won for the 3G device.
Your devices are actually the best.
It's just price is a bit more.
A500 is the king. It is already complete with features. You just need to stock up 1 item, and accessories. I trust the quality, I have used A100 A300 and almost 0 defective devices.

Customer Code: MZEO Jan 30, 2019 Mozambique
Everything you say is the true, and we feel comfortable because your support couldn’t be better, so, we will keep betting in Fifotrack products because we know that all our problems (if they exist) will be fixed by you, reason why buying from someone else is not in equation.

The A300 is really stable and we had no problems so far. About 30% of them are connected with 1 FLS and 1 camera and everything is running smooth.

Customer Code: SNTS Oct 17, 2018 Senegal
Just because you are the most serious Chinese I've met
- You always told the truth
- You always respected the delivery deadlines
- You were always available for my questions

Customer Code: IRHN Sep 4, 2018 Iran
I need high quality device. Let me show you the history play back. A supplier is very good, but price is high. B supplier is ok, C supplier is not good, D supplier is bad. fifotrack S20 is very good, better than C and D.

Customer Code: BDAL Sep 3, 2018 Bangladesh
Tested A300 with two different brands, one China brand, one Euro brand, comparison history route below.

A300 history route:

Euro brand history route:

China brand history route

Customer Code: VNHN Aug 8, 2018 Vietnam
The S30 works very well.
Especially the original fuel sensor solution, I tested it, it’s very useful for truck fuel monitoring. Customer will like it because no need buy external fuel sensor, installation easier.

Customer Code: THGC July 25, 2018 Thailand
More I know, the more I trusted in FIFOTRACK product quality
Thank indeed on your usually help.

Customer Code: MZAA July 8, 2018 Mozambique
As always, I advised FifoTrack to new boss, because I consider FifoTrack as one of the best GPS Equipment Manufacturer and the Technical Help, for me, the best.

Customer Code: ZWFL June 4, 2018 Zimbabwe
we are arranging for an order
we are impressed with the S20
it’s very good

Customer Code: ILIY May 28, 2018 Israel
The A300/A500 working very good
We are very happy with the technical support from your team.
Each time I come to fifotrack office feel comfortable, like a family.
fifo is a very good team.

Customer Code: ZALO May 27, 2018 South Africa
Please find the proof of payment attached.
Very impressed with the products S20/S30
Looking forward to the shipment.

Customer Code: MNAR April 21, 2018 Mongolia
I tested four companies GPS tracker samples, one is from Russia, others are from China. fifotrack A300 test is very good. X company device stuck sometimes, need restart. Y company devices is worse, more stuck. The O company from Russia has same quality with A300, but price is much higher. So I choose only fifotrack as our hardware supplier and share fifotrack brand to our customers since March 2017. Quality is very good, delivery fast, pay morning, deliver afternoon.

Customer Code: BFSN Mar 28, 2018 Burkina faso
your trackers are working very well
In the next month I’m planning to place order

Customer Code: TZVR Mar 13, 2018 Tanzania
S20 it's very quality and strong in signal strength.
I wish I had known your company earlier.

Customer Code: SGTT Dec 14, 2017 Singapore
Your device looks good. I need time to shift to your product.

Customer Code: THMG Nov 15, 2017 Thailand
Also the tracker I consider your A500 to be the second supplier because.
  1.Your A500 have more feature to help us meet more requirement for end customer.
  2 You and your team are so far so good in order to support my request.
From now on my first supplier will have market section as low price but not for enterprise tracking system.
But for your A500 I think we can go to enterprise tracking solution for end customer in the future.

Customer Code: CISE Sep 6, 2017 Cote d'Ivoire
I think we will do very good business together if you stay at fifotrack
you are really available

Customer Code: CLJO Aug 24, 2017 Chile
Hello have already advanced with proofs and will include the product on the web.

Customer Code: MMLY Aug 19, 2017 Myanmar
I tested 4 Company devices,
Till now your A300 is the best,
No other devices can’t compete A300 History Line
Best result,
You are getting over 100% trust from me

Customer Code: CMCS Jun 25, 2017 Cameroon
I am very satisfied with you and your GPS solutions

Customer Code: IDIT Jun 1, 2017 Indonesia
I like your devices as well, simpler to install
And the sms command is very complete
It let me check temperature data from sms, it really help in the field

Customer Code: IDPL Apr 18, 2017 Indonesia
Your devices are very good, I have proven it.
I use it for contract service model, suitable.

Customer Code: Cybermapa Mar 28, 2017 Argentina
Lucas find out that your protocol is a smart one
Not a typical chinese basic tracker protocol. A well done protocol

Customer Code: INIT Mar 21, 2017 India
I am confident about you guys
See for business trust is important
Celine and you both ery professional and i like you both
Al teast you guys dont lie
In fact i like your product and firmware, software also

Customer Code: INNI Mar 20, 2017 India
Tested all the devices except fuel sensor, all are working good.
Fully satisfied with RFID and biometric.
A300 is really good

Customer Code: IDGF Mar 1, 2017 Indonesia
Anti jamming working smoothly and it can trigger alarm on my tracking platform as well. My client happy, hope this can kick out my competitor ha ha

Customer Code: ILIY Jan 19, 2017 Israel
The A300/A500 models are proposed now in many projects. After preliminary tests an installation of A300 shall be completed next week .We really push these products because their functionality is high and your technical support is excellent .
We are very confident that the orders shall be initiated in the near future as part of our partnership

Customer Code: PTAL Jan 3, 2017 Portugal
I work long time but I stop with them because they are not going forward with technology Like you.
They don't have rfid and none of the extras options
Now I only buy from you

I can see your business very carefull with partnerships
That's very good
Like when I need help you allways there for me

Customer Code: NGDE Dec 21, 2016 Nigeria
Wonderful product means...your product is stable..durable and does not have side effect on the vehicles

Customer Code: DESO Dec 19, 2016 Germany
I have logged in...thanksss...
I have impressed with your company support
When this projects success...I definitely 100% will buy from your company....

Customer Code: NGTC Dec 14, 2016 Nigeria
We really appreciate how long you let us test the A100 device
and we can truly say that device/your platform are both Awesome
we wish to start using that device/platform

Customer Code: CDCY Dec 5, 2016 Democratic Republic of Congo
Nous te remercions pour ce partenariat qui évolue parfaitement, et nous tenons à t’informer que nous avons reçu tous les colis envoyé (We thank you for this partnership which evolves perfectly, and we would like to inform you that we have received all parcels sent)

Customer Code: CDCY Nov 3, 2016 Democratic Republic of Congo
How many persons you work with
In your team
In China you are best

Customer Code: LKDP Oct 24, 2016 Sri Lanka
As we discussed on skype, it is pleasure to inform you that our testing was very success on your products.

Customer Code: CIJE Oct 15, 2016 Cote d'Ivoire
We can tell you that your software works parfectement.
All our customers are happy to use currently.

Customer Code: COSS Oct 13, 2016 Columbia
Our technical team finished the test and I have very good news from your products, however I want to see the graphical interface of your platform, could you give me access for a couple of days?

Customer Code: ALMD Oct 11, 2016 Albania
I like so much equipment fifo
For hight price
Method of input and output
Simple configuration
And sends precise data

Customer Code: EGHM Sep 25, 2016 Egypt
Very nice and professional minutes meeting summary.
All mentioned are appreciated.
Also I hope to have more and more meetings together since you are very professional and you added value to my work.
I think our road map will be clear and determined after finishing the first step of testing, then everything will go smoothly.
Thanks for your follow up and attention, with all my hope to have another meeting soon.

Customer Code: PHAN Sep 19, 2016 Philippines
I tested 3 different GPS tracking device and evaluate all on vehicle and motorcycle (potential clients). I test the device on tracking capability, different network SIM card, Compatibility on different platform. On your device it was great on tracking and uploading data to the server, platform run smooth and less time generating reports. Only concern but not so important is the Listen-In functions, digital input of the device can be access and configure on platform but if using text messaging it is difficult to the end user to memorize the string, No mobile apps. No customization of Platform to label the company logo. On the long run FIFO device is great and I can rate it 8/10

Customer Code: ZWEE Sep 16, 2016 Zimbabwe
Lots of guys in Zimbabwe now know your company and are happy with your product

Customer Code: NGVD Sep 15, 2016 Nigeria
But yours is good, there are a lot of companies we tried
So let's plan on the new order
It's high quality
I know what happened

Customer Code: NGSS Jul 29, 2016 Nigeria
I am impressed with the platform

Customer Code: KHKG Jul 15, 2016 Cambodia
Yes, it working fine. That’s why I check if I can request report customization as needed by customer. I am willing to buy and host that software if any possible.

Customer Code: TZNR Jul 2, 2016 Tanzania
I have now received the items although customs charge was very expensive here ib tanzania. I will let you know how i progress when I start fitting. Thank you so much for the excellent service and i will be doing more business with you in future

Customer Code: GTTS May 23, 2016 Guatemala
We are still in integration process so we have not tested the product fully, but from preliminary tests on A100 related to configuration and communications, it has behaved very well and as expected, as soon as we have it fully integrated on our platform and make further tests we will be more than glad to give you more performance information.

Customer Code: HTMC May 20, 2016 Haiti
Hi, once you get to work you will see my message….. a good news. We are still testing but the unit seemed to be very good. By next week if we are satisfy I will place an order for about 20 hoping to get a better price.

Customer Code: IDIS Apr 20, 2016 Indonesia
I just give instruction to develop the protocol to send the tracking data to our server.
The testing will be 1-2 months, to see the reliability.
However, on visual, your products seems to be promising.

Customer Code: PSED Jan 27, 2016 Palestine
I updated firmware, location is 100% accurate! I am going to use it for the next few days and see how it goes! Great work your IT team!