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Platform Feature

1. 7*24hrs reliable and stable performance
2. User-friendly interface
3. Support user account management, privilege management
4. Route planning
5. Smart Geo-fence zone management with different colors
6. Fuel monitoring with various fuel report, including fuel filling, fuel theft, fuel level graph
7. Driving behavior analysis reports such as overspeeding, fatigue driving, idling, parking overtime, harsh braking alarms
8. Stop car remotely
9. ACC on/off status alarms, door status alamr and so on
10. Support multiple maps: Google, OpenStreet, Yandex


FIMS: Tracking Page

Fig.1 FIMS: Tracking Page





FIMS: Routes Management

Fig.2 FIMS: History





FIMS: Zone Management

Fig.3 FIMS: Zones Management


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