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fifotrack Video - How to Install AS10 Capacitive Fuel Sensor

Abstract: Including Fuel sensor installation key steps:
1. Principle to select the installation position
2. Drilling process attentions
3. How to cut off fuel sensor
4. Calibration process
5. Fuel sensor fixed installation
Video Time: 10:29

fifotrack Video - Vehicle Original Fuel Sensor Installation Guide

Abstract: How to install GPS tracker S30 and original fuel sensor.
1. How to identify fuel cable
2. How to do cable connection
3. How to do calibration
Video Time: 13:02

fifotrack video - Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor Installation Guide

Abstract: This video includes the ultrasonic fuel sensor key installation steps below:
1. How to choose the correct installation position
2. How to use the digital indicator
3. How to install the probe of fuel sensor
4. How to fasten the ultrasonic fuel sensor
Video Time: 2:23

fifotrack Video - Firmware Upgrade Guide

Abstract: How to upgrade firmware of fifotrack.
Video Time: 3:02

fifotrack FIMS Video - Manager Account Guide

Abstract: Understand privilege of manager account. How to create user accounts, how to add object and assign objects to different accounts.
Video Time: 5:02

ffiotrack Video - ParameterTool User Guide

Abstract: Using fifotrack parameter tool to configure parameters on PC.
Video Time: 11:57

fifotrack FIMS Video - GPRS Command Generator

Abstract: Introduce "GRPS command generator" tool and how to send GPRS command from FIMS tracking platform.
Video Time: 2:21

fifotrack FIMS Video - Basic Settings

Abstract: Object highlight, time zone, interface, arrow, icon and group settings of tracking software.
Video Time: 2:50

fifotrack FIMS Video - Sub account Settings

Abstract: How to create sub account and assign the privileges
Video Time: 2:41

fifotrack FIMS Video - Zone Settings

Abstract: How to set up marker, zone and route areas. Zone in/out, route in/out alarm settings.
Video Time: 6:51

fifotrack FIMS Video - Sensor Settings

Abstract: Internal battery, external power, ACC on/off, odometer sensor settings.
Video Time: 4:59

fifotrack FIMS Video - Event Alarm Settings

Abstract: SOS alarm, fatigue driving alarm, idle alarm, engine on alarm, route in alarm and maintenance alarm settings on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 7:10

fifotrack FIMS Video - Camera Connection and Settings

Abstract: How to connect camera with tracker, configure event alarm to take picture, check picture on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 3:20

fifotrack FIMS Video - Temperature Sensor

Abstract: Connect temperature sensor with tracker and configure settings on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 5:20

fifotrack Video - RFID Hardware and Software Settings

Abstract: RFID Reader connection and settings on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 4:48

fifotrack FIMS Video - Fingerprint Connection and Settings

Abstract: Connect fingerprint scanner to GPS tracker and configuration on FIMS tracking software.
Video Time: 7:52

fifotrack FIMS Video - Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor Settings and Report

Abstract: How to configure ultrasonic fuel sensor on FIMS tracking softwrae. Fuel filling, fuel theft and fuel level graph reports generate.
Video Time: 6:16