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Generator Fuel Monitoring System

 The generator fuel monitoring faces the below challenges: 

  • The fuel tank is the pedestal of the electric generator, the height of the fuel tank is only around 350mm  

  • The generator is a harsh environmental condition for the GPS tracker and the fuel sensor 

  • The fuel sensor should be durable under tough working conditions such as the generator keeps shaking, the hot temperature, the dust deposit, etc. 

  • Fuel cost is the main cost for the generator, it will cost around 20 liters/hour (according to the Olympian brand), so the fuel report accuracy and fuel filling/fuel theft alerts are very important for managers.  

  • Want to know the generator working hours automatically and remotely  

  • Start/stop the generator automatically based on schedule 


 Recommended hardware: GPS tracker A300 + AS10 capacitive fuel sensor 

  • The AS10 capacitive fuel sensor is flexible to be cut off according to the height of the fuel tank 

  • Both the A300 GPS tracker and the AS10 capacitive fuel sensor are durable products, working well under a harsh environmental condition

  • The fuel report accuracy up to 97-98%, is able to send the fuel filling/fuel theft alerts to the SOS phone by SMS or send to the tracking platform via GPRS 

  • Using the digital input wire (input2) to connect to the generator engine wire, is able to calculate the generator working hours 

  • with relays and the fimrware development, is able to schedule to start/stop the generator automatically 

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