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fifotrack GPS tracker S50 for Thailand DLT 
NBTC No. B38616-19


As we know, there was an increasing number of accidents caused by vehicles in the transportation of cargo and passengers in Thailand, and each accident had caused serious loss of lives and property. The accidents were mainly due to drivers’ violation of the rules.

Therefore, in order to control and manage the drivers, Thailand DLT (Department of Land Transport) issued the rule and required the vehicles to install GPS tracker. The driver need swipe driver license before driving, and the GPS tracker will send the driver’s information and driving log to Thailand DLT server.

This rule was initially applied to those vehicles transporting hazardous goods, then extended to buses, trailers, vans, trucks and taxis, etc.


 Thailand DLT Soluiton:  

​fifotrack GPS tracker S50 has passed Thailand NBTC (NBTC No. B38616-19) and DLT testing since 2019. It can connect magnetic card reader for driver identification and management, only those drivers with qualified driver licenses are allowed to drive. The excellent hardware power system and protection design, makes no device burning case. Its performance and stability has been approved.

Besides the DLT function, S50 supports RFID reader. Only those drivers with authorized RFID cards can start the vehicle.

Moreover, S50 has these unique features- Can connect vehicle’s original fuel sensor (More information about original fuel sensor, please click; Can set different speeding value inside different geo-fences.


S50 was a 3G device, now we have upgraded it to 4G version with same features.


 Now Thailand DLT has issued smart card driving license. The drivers’ information can be read via scanning the QR code. S50 will be upgraded to support such QR code scanner accordingly.

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