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Fishing Boat image Monitoring System

The fishing boat owners face challenges like they don't know where is the fishing boat location now, which areas the fishing boat has been in, how the fishing workers' performance is. They want to see the real-time  pictures from the boat and monitor it remotely in office. 


On the other hand, the coastal area's network coverage may have only 2G, the GPS tracker must be able to send out images under 2G network. The fishing boat owners also needs to consider the costs of monitoring, data consumption is one of the concerns. 


Our fishing boat camera monitoring solution is a reliable and cheap solution to solve the above challenges.  

Hardware recommended: GPS Tracker A600 + Waterproof Cameras 

  • 2G network is enough 

  • Support Max 4 cameras  

  • Waterproof camera option, easy to install outside the fishing boat 

  • Taking images by time interval automatically, for example, at every 10 minutes  

  • Send a command to photograph an image at any time 

GPS Tracker / Waterproof Camera Installation on Boat

Check Images / History Trace in GPS Tracking Platform 

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