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Product Description

A300 is an advanced model which is suitable for fleet management, public transportation management, school bus management, taxi operation management, vehicle insurance company management, rent car management and private car antitheft, etc.


A300 supports RS232 and 1-Wire protocol, this enables A300 to have powerful functions such as taking pictures, driver identification and management, impulse detection and temperature monitoring.    


Besides the advanced functions, A300 has full functions to cover the normal demands of vehicle tracking. Not only has fuel monitoring, harsh acceleration/braking alarm, driving behavior analysis, but also has custom digital input, jamming detection, two-way calling and OTA functions.

A300 uses own FIFOTRACK GPRS PROTOCOL which is simple and practical, this enables the customers to integrate on their own platform efficiently.


One tracker, multiple functions

Support camera for image taking 

Support RFID for driver management  

Support iButton reader

Support fingerprint scanner 

Support ultrasonic fuel sensor 

Support temperature sensor 

Fuel theft/filling alert

Over speeding buzzer remind  

Supports microphone and speaker for two-way communication

Good hardware power system and protection design, no device burning issue

Longer lifetime, one of the durable options on the market, suitable for customers who rent tracker to customers





A300 Flyer                                                                                                                


 fifotrack A300 User Guide                                                                                    


 fifotrack A300/A500 Command List                                                                           

Optional Accessories 

  • USB cable 

  • Relay (12V/24V) 

  • AS10 capacitive fuel sensor (with 7 meters cable) 

  • RFID reader

  • Fingerprint scanner

  • Temperature Sensor

  • iButton reader

  • Over speeding Buzzer

  • Door sensor 

  • Calibrator for AS10 

  • Camera 

  • Ultrasonic fuel sensor

  • Digital indicator for TUB01

  • Microphone 

  • Speaker

  • Liquid sensor

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