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Liquid sensor is suitable for multiple liquid level monitoring, especially for liquid inside big stationary storage tank, such as petrol, diesel and water, etc. The output signal of liquid sensor is linear analog voltage data based on air pressure change. The cable length can be customized according to the height of liquid tank.​


  • Easy and safe installation, put probe into liquid, no need drill a hole.

  • Low cost compare to traditional fuel sensor 

  • Higher accuracy than traditional fuel sensor

  • Flexible cable length for different height tanks

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  • Oil and Fuel Tank level measurement

  • Diesel level measurement

  • Sea and lake water level measurement and control

  • Industrial course testing and control

  • Sewage treatment

  • Well level measurement and control

  • Automatic detection system

  • Water-saving irrigation

Fuel Storage Tank Graph

Fuel Storage Tank Filling Report




 fifotrack Liquid Sensor User Guide

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