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Product Description

S50K is a upgraded product based on populor S50 model, which is suitable for vehicle, motorcycle, boat, asset tracking, etc.

Power input range is 8-92V with industrial design.

The core features of S50K include internal GPS/GSM antennas, IP66 waterproof, 1 digital input, 1 analog input, 1 output and 1 RS232 port.


S50K uses own FIFOTRACK S50 GPRS PROTOCOL which is simple and practical. The users can integrate protocol into their own platform efficiently.

Thailand  DLT Certificated Tracker

  • NBTC license No. B38506-23  

  • Support magnetic card reader for DLT

  • Supply high quality, low price magnetic card reader

  • Read 3 tracks data  track 1, track2, track3 of driver license 

  • High capacity 600mAh built-in battery 

  • Support Lock IP on device  

  • Strong support for protocol integration 

  • Rich experience in the Thailand market 

  • S50K has been proved as a very stable and popular model in Thailand. 


  • 8-92V wide power input, suitable for vehicle, motorcycle and electric bike, etc 

  • Waterproof IP66 class  

  • Internal GPS/GSM antenna

  • Good hardware power system and protection design, no device burning issue

  • Longer lifetime, one of the durable options on the market, suitable for customers who rent tracker to customers

  • Fuel theft/filling alert

  • Support RS232 port for magnetic card reader 

  • Support original fuel sensor (vehicle own fuel gauge, no need external fuel sensor) 

  • Support different speeding value inside the different fence

  • Support forward tracker received SMS to server

  • Support USSD to check SIM card balance




 fifotrack S50K Flyer_Thailand version                                                                                    


 fifotrack S50K User Guide_Thailand version                                                                                    


 fifotrack S50 GPRS Protocol and Command List_Thailand version                                                    

Optional Accessories 

  • USB cable 

  • Relay (12V/24V) 

  • AS10 capacitive fuel sensor (with 7 meters cable) 

  • Over speeding Buzzer

  • Door sensor 

  • Calibrator for AS10 

  • Magnetic card reader

Know S50 More 

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